What Is Shared Web Hosting?

When you subscribe for a free web hosting or unlimited web hosting plan, the type of web hosting service you get is called shared web hosting. With a shared hosting plan, you share storage on a web server with other users. Since the cost of web hosting is shared by all users, web hosting providers provide these services in a more affordable format. But all files get exposed to all users present on the same shared server. If a user makes a mistake in the script, all users on the shared server will get affected.

Therefore, to reduce the risk of such mishappenings, the users are not allowed to manage their own programs. Advantages of Shared Hosting Many people choose shared web hosting because it has a big advantage: It is not expensive. While dedicated hosting costs around $ 150 – $ 300 per month and VPS hosting is about $ 30-40, shared web hosting is very inexpensive compared to those costing just about $ 2 – $ 8 per month.

You can see the big difference between these prices, right? There are several other advantages of having a shared web hosting server Maintenance free server Because the server is shared, the responsibility of maintaining the server cannot be levied on the users. You can save a lot of time with this feature, so you can spend more time with other important things, such as web content and other web marketing strategies.

Less technical knowledge is required In a shared web hosting environment, technical expectations from the users are minimum so that even those with lower levels of IT skills can count on this type of hosting. You do not have o think about the server specs and other complicated processes. If you want to have a website hosted, all you need is to do is, install the downloaded files from the Internet, and enjoy the service.

Disadvantages of shared hosting Almost as usual, apart from some advantages there are some disadvantages too. Unfortunately, few hosting providers who just want to make maximum money spoil the name of shared hosting. Their goal is to sell as much as possible, regardless of the stability and capacity of the server. Shared servers often have the same IP address for some websites.

This can get an innocent user banned from a network of good websites just because some user sharing the IP did something mischievous. How a shared hosting plan looks like? The first thing you should do before you create a website is take a look at the hosting market. In order to maintain their place in the competition of web hosting companies do anything to get more customers.

You can see every day that the big hosting companies offer discounts and special bonuses. Since there is such a minimal investment in the use of shared web hosting, many business owners have started opting for cheaper hosting plans, while in the learning stages.

Shared hosting is just like any other thing in life; you get what you pay for. This means that if you choose a shared hosting service, you will not have advanced features with a dedicated server, but this hosting will cover all your basic needs and you can continue to function.